Autoclave Aquazero Steam technology

Know the advantages

100% water reduction in vacuum generation.

About 5 thousand liters of water saved per day.

Aquazero vacuum pump: lower noise; greater durability.

Better performance: fewer cycles; more sterilized materials.

Control of equipment via the web, including by cell phone.

Dry materials at the end of the cycle: No need for ajar door for final drying.

Energy saving efficiency; scheduled shutdown.

More efficient cycles: low water and energy consumption.

Operational cost reduction: water and energy.

Customers who have the Aquazero Autoclave will save together

481.453.879,51 liters of water

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Do you want to know
how many of you can save with the Aquazero team?

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Based on the rate of water supply services, for the municipality of São Paulo, it will be from June 9, 2018.