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13 December 2019

More than ever, our purpose in evidence

We are from the health sector and we manufacture for healthcare. Every day, we work with the certainty that our equipment contributes to ensure life. For this very reason, and understanding the importance of our role, in 2019 our entire team was involved in a thought about purpose - why we do what we do. We had meetings and conversations with representatives, distributors, accredited Technical Assistance and Cisa employees to talk about our work. One of the results was a new positioning for the market. Proudly, since then, our brand signature has been "We care about life".

The change in our slogan is in line with a new phase of the company. We started with equipment for CME, advanced to furniture and accessories for the centers, took a new step by introducing the lines of consumption and marketing indicators and, to close this year, we are entering the segment of surgical focuses.

More news will emerge and all of them aim at health and well-being. In line with this new positioning, our visual and verbal communication becomes even more humanized; after all, we want to show to those outside what motivates us here at Cisa: we care about life.


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