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22 October 2018

Customers "at home" and technicians increasingly qualified

During the whole year, the coordination of Cisa Technical Assistance executes several training sessions related to the equipment and products for the new technicians contracted by the company or its Accredited Entity Network. Adding up the qualification for technicians, the year 2018 will close with the equivalent of 40 days’ training. The last ones will take place between October 22 and 26, November 19 to 23, in the factory, in Joinville (SC).

And there is more: besides these 40 days dedicated to new techniques, Technical Assistance prepares two specific qualification sessions for customers, each one lasting three days. In other words, there are almost two months directed to qualification in Cisa equipment.


Qualification for technical network

The action with the technicians is to ensure that they are qualified to execute maintenance in the Cisa equipment in hospitals, laboratories and companies in Brazil and Latin America. Besides preventive and corrective maintenance, the qualification focuses on the execution of installations, tests, operational training and identifying failures in equipment.

The technicians take part in training which looks at technologies related to the processes of sterilization, such as Thermal Disinfection/Steam Technology, Low Temperature Technology (H2O2 and Formaldehyde) and Liquids. The participants not only become qualified in the Cisa product - learning in greater depth the functioning, the differentials and the features - but also become aware of the company’s manufacturing processes, other employees, the production area and other sectors.

To prove that they are qualified to work as Cisa technicians, after the training an evaluation is made. Those who attain the average receive a certification.

In order to ensure that the professionals are always updated and qualified, the technicians have to undergo requalification. At the start of 2018, the ones who had been qualified in manufacture, but had been more than 2 years without requalification, executed an online evaluation of retention and review of knowledge.


Qualification for customers

The training concerned with customers was executed during three days in April and August. The participants had the opportunity to learn even more about the Cisa equipment and products.

The qualification for customers aims to support them with knowledge so that they are able to identify the problem better when calling maintenance, or even guide them about interpreting alarms and good preservation practices of equipment, besides providing the integration between user and manufacturer.

Another differential is that, in the same training, professionals from Centers of Sterilized Material and the areas of Clinical Engineering and Maintenance of hospitals take part. Thus, they are three days not only of learning and knowledge, but also of great synergy and exchange of experience.    


Check out the statements of participants in Training for Customers, held in August.


“The training managed to attain expectations, offering important information about the equipment, the processes and the whole range of products required to achieve the end goal of the Materials Center concerning the patient’s safety”. Lucio Sarrizo, Hospital Aliança (Salvador/BA)


“The contents were consistent and well prepared, with theoretical and practical examples which contributed greatly to clarifying situations experienced in the routine. The knowledge reinforced and acquired will contribute to improving the processes and optimizing the routine. Congratulations Cisa for the excellent work. I am very grateful for all the knowledge shared”. Paula Stangherlin, Acurate/Boston Scientific (Belo Horizonte/MG)


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