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27 April 2018


In April the 3rd edition of the Training for Customers was held in Cisa’s factory in Joinville (SC).


The event had the participation of more than 20 professionals of several regions of Brazil and different areas:             Sterilized Material Center(CME), Clinical Engineering and Maintenance. It was a week of great learning, synergy, integration and exchange of experience.

The participants could visit the factory and learn firsthand about the processes and differentials of the CISA products. They attended lectures about sterilization, cleaning and disinfection, complemented by practical activities related to cycles of autoclaves, interpretation of alarms, good preservation practices of Cisa’s equipment and much more.


See the testimonials of those taking part:

“It was an excellent opportunity to get to know Cisa’s factory, see how the process functions, from the preparation of machine designs to the preparation of parts and the complete assembly of the equipment and manufacturing of product resources. In my opinion it is a company which is very well organized and committed to the quality of all its equipment and products. Without any doubt, for our customers, these aspects bring great safety and certainty when using Cisa’s products”.Fernanda Caroline Moro Vitorino, Sterilized Material Center, UMC - Uberlândia Medical Center (Uberlândia - MG)


“I found very positive the training with professionals from different areas taking part. We had the opportunity to note the query of each one and complement the answers, in accordance with each specialty and experience. I will certainly take the ideas and information which I learnt at Cisa to my daily activities and the hospital where I work”. Luiz Rodrigo Krieger, Electronic Maintenance, Hospital Santa Catarina (Blumenau - SC)


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