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16 April 2018

With plans to grow, Uberlândia Medical Center invests in CISA equipment

With four years of existence (completed on February 12, 2018), the Hospital Uberlândia Medical Center (UMC) does 600 surgeries on average per month, has 25 apartments and 10 ICU beds. To grow without leaving aside the quality of patient care and the medical staff, UMC invests in successful partnerships. Cisa is among them.

The relationship between Cisa and UMC is already three years old and was started with the acquisition of an autoclave. "The equipment was very good. He allowed us to avoid sending products out. Not to mention an adequate cost-benefit issue. We have inputs with more feasible values to operate and an easy-to-operate machine, "says Paulo César Caciquinho, UMC Superintendent.

In the second half of 2017, the hospital invested in the new model of Autoclave and Thermodisinfector, both equipment with the optional Elegance line.One of the novelties of the line is the visual management by color, made through a LED signaling on the front panel which indicates the stage of the equipment.

"The partnership with Uberlândia Medical Center is a source of pride for Cisa, as it was one of the first hospitals to purchase the equipment with the optional Elegance. Better still is, in a short period, they have the permission of the hospital itself for these new solutions that brought more results in the management and routine of CME , "says Fernando Wehmuth, Commercial Manager Health Care Equipment BR.


Cisa Differentials in CME

The UMC's Sterilized Material Facility (CME) is fully compliant with DRC 15. To give an idea of the benefits that the Elegance line has brought to practice for CME, Bianca Suzani Araújo, RN, explains: "In addition to the ease of handling, the luminous indicator facilitates the sterilization process, as the team can follow the cycle and can then perform other activities and streamline the whole process.”

In the opinion of the Superintendent of the UMC, Cisa not only provides a differentiated product and a new technology (provided with the Elegance line), but it is also an essential partnership for CME growth. This partnership is supported by the condition of equipment leasing, with the embedded maintenance. 

"I do not need to deactivate before I can acquire the equipment. I pay a monthly lease, the equipment is available  with technical assistance, maintenance and all the support needed to assist me. This facilitated a lot and allowed us to expand not only more autoclaves, but also washing machines for our CME, "says Paulo.

For Marcos Alexandre Stange, Commercial Director of Cisa, adding value to solutions is something inherent to the company's business vision. "Our equipment, the new options and any other changes, are designed to contribute to more efficient, safe, practical processes and also result in more productivity for our customers," he says.


UMC - Plans for the future

 UMC thinks a lot and, as Alexandre de Menezes Rodrigues, Managing Director tells us, in the coming months the hospital wants to be prepared to reach around 1,200 surgical procedures per month, attending to more and more large surgeries in addition to increasing its structure for 205 beds in total, 40 in ICU.

"We are scheduling an expansion in two years and certainly we will be together with Cisa. It's been a partnership that started and is working well and we expect it to continue in this way, "says Paulo.


CISA equipment used by UMC


Want to know more? Watch the UMC video case:


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