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16 April 2018

Elegance line options: more practicality and efficiency in CMEs

Recently, the  Autoclave equipment (Globe Large), Thermodisinfector and Cisa's Drying Cabinet were complemented with the optional Elegance line. The purpose of the novelty is to bring more interactivity, technology, modernity and efficiency to CMEs. The options can be incorporated into the equipment and have as main characteristics: visual management system through colors that identify the operating status of the machine, differentiated finishing (with an innovative and clean design) and improvement in the interface with the end user.

Visual color management is done through LED signaling on the front panel, which indicates the stage of the equipment. Thus, according to the illumination on the panel, the operator can see if the equipment is ready for use (by means of the blue illumination), is in cycle (green light) or if the machine is in alarm (red illumination).

In addition, the equipment can signal energy savings (if the blue color is flashing) or warn that the sterilization cycle has been finalized regularly and the discharge port is released for opening (green color flashing). With this innovation, CISA enables CME teams to monitor the machine at a distance, giving them the freedom to perform other activities.

The touch screen panel allows a better interface with the end user and can be accessed by the cell phone, ensuring more interactivity between the machine and managers, as well as with the professionals who operate the equipment. The Elegance line also connects to peripherals via a USB port provided on the front panel of the devices. In this way, it is possible to connect a pen drive, mouse and keyboard to facilitate the operation of the HMI. 


And who has Cisa equipment without the  Elegance option?

Customers with equipment without the optionals will also be able to opt for these innovations, improving CME productivity and efficiency indexes. Equipment already in use may have the options incorporated. For this, it is necessary to perform the swapping of the panels and update the software.

Uberlândia Medical Center is a Cisa customer and already has equipment with the optional Elegance. Check out their experience:

To know more, contact our Commercial area. Check the phone number and the email of our representatives on the page Contact-Representatives / Distributors.


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