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21 November 2016

14 New Offerings From Cisa for You!

Cisa's autoclaves and thermodynesfectors as well as other equipment, products and accessories are at the Centrais de Material Esterilizado (CME-The Sterilized Material Center) in more than 500 hospitals in Brazil.  Cisa can proudly state that 17 years ago it gained spaces in noteworthy hospitals and nationally recognized networks as well as obtaining major clients in the industrial, pharmaceutical and laboratory sectors. 

known for the quality of its products, Cisa works all the time to be the supplier that provides complete solutions for CME.  In 2016 it launched various products that were presented in trade fairs, conventions and other events where the company was present.

Amongst the most recent are cleaning chemicals. This is what we are calling this new family of Cisa s products which consist of enzymatic detergent, lubricants, descaling products, products for cleaning chambers and pre-cleaning instruments.  They are solutions for the prior cleaning of hospital products. They are for cleaning in routines of the CM and for the preservation of tools and equipment.

Do you want more information of them? Below we have prepared a summary of the many benefits of theses products.


1. Enzymatic Detergent Cisa Zymes - 5 liters

2. Enzymatic Detergent Cisa Zymes - 1 liters

3. Enzymatic Detergent Cisa Zymes - 1 liters dispenser

The enzymatic detergent Cisa Zyms was developed for cleaning surgical instruments.  Made up  of five enzymes, it effectively removes residues of proteins, fats, starch, cellulose and derivatives. The dilution is only 2 ml for each liter of water and, the best, the enzymatic detergent Cisa Zymes does not produce foam. It can be used in manual or automatic cleaning. 


4. Enzymatic Detergent Cisa Zymes - 5 liters

5. Enzymatic Detergent Cisa Zymes - 1 liters dispenser

Cisa's enzymatic detergents are biodegradable. That is, they decay naturally without harming the environment. The Cisa Zymes ECO, besides also having this characteristic, there is the option that it combines economy and higher yield. That's right! Just dilute 1 ml for every liter of water and the solution is ready. The product can be used for both manual cleaning and automated cleaning.


6. Cisa Lubri Lubricant - 5 liters

7. Cisa Lubri Lubricant - 1 liters

8. Cisa Lubri Lubricant - 1 liters dispenser

Do you want your instruments to last longer? We recommend the Cisa lubricants.  The products in this line: inhibit corrosion, prevent rust, stains and the hardening of surgical instruments. The dilution involves 2 ml for each liter of water, whether in manual or automated cleaning.


9. Cisa Lubri Lubricant (ready for use) - 5 liters

10. Cisa Lubri Lubricant (ready for use) - 500 liters

The difference is that with Cisa Lubri ready dilution is not necessary. It is only necessary to immerse the instruments in the product or to spray them totally with a spray. To make everyday life easier in CME, besides the 5 liter gallon, you have the option of 500 ml with spray.


11. Cisa Lubri descaling product - 5 liters

12. Cisa Lubri descaling product - 1 liter

Preserving the  instruments is one of the benefits of using Cisa Nox. The descaler has a simple application which is removing stains and oxidation. It is not corrosive to stainless steel and leaves no residue.


13. Pre-cleaning Cisa Preclean – 500 ml

It is used in the preparation of instruments for cleaning as it avoids the drying of organic matter. Keeps the material wet until it is sent CME. With low foaming, it does not detract from performance in automated cleaning processes.


14. Cisa Steel autoclave cleaning - 500 ml

And it's not just the instruments that deserve care to increase the useful life. The autoclaves as well. Cisa Steel is a solution to remove rust and stains from the surface of the autoclave chamber. The product is ready to be used, the application is simple and the solution acts quickly: between 5 and 15 minutes.


Try and prove the effectiveness of Cisa cleaning chemicals! For more details, please contact our Sales Manager.


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