The Cisa Brasile Information Privacy Policy aims to ensure the protection of the registration data of users of its site.

Upon making use of the Cisa Brasile site, the user accepts the terms of this Information Privacy Policy, whereby no information supplied by the user shall be disclosed without its prior authorization, except in the case of judicial resolution.

The user data shall be stored when made available through the Internet on:

  • requesting contact;
  • requesting attendance of Technical Assistance or
  • downloading the files available (catalogs and other materials of Cisa Brasile).
Information collected

The aim of collecting data is the localization of the user for dispatch of information requested and/or for better attendance to customers.

The information is collected and shall only be accessed by Cisa Brasile in the person of its employees and/or workers, through secure database software, not shared with other institutions/companies, the nondisclosure of the information made available being maintained.

Cisa Brasile shall be able to use the data made available for exclusive purposes of contact with the user in the following situations:

  1. Attendance to request by the user itself;
  2. Dispatch of electronic publication (this dispatch shall be able to be altered or canceled at any moment by the addressee);
  3. Rendering of a service related to the user registered.
Copyright and use of image

The images published on this site are the exclusive property of Cisa Brasile or their use was authorized by the owners. Such images cannot be used for other purposes by the user as it infringes the legislation related to copyright.

The electronic catalogs made available on the Cisa Brasile site belong exclusively to it, their partial or total reproduction being forbidden. Those responsible for doing so shall be subject to the fitting judicial measures.


Cisa Brasile reserves the right to alter any information of its site, its catalogs or this Privacy Policy at any time, without prior notice.