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02 October 2019

Hospital Policlin CME reduces costs and gains agility with Cisa equipment

Grupo Policlin is the largest network of medical and hospital services in the Vale do Paraíba region. It consists of five hospital units, a health plan operator, rehabilitation center, medical centers and clinical analysis laboratories.

With constant technological innovations in the health sector, the group felt the need to also think about technologies for the support areas, such as the Material and Sterilization Center (CME). More specifically, attention was focused on sterilization by autoclaves at the unit located in the city of São José dos Campos, considered as highly complex: Hospital Policlin.


The choice

After several studies and analyses, Grupo Policlin opted for the autoclave manufactured by Cisa. Certain factors led to the decision, such as robustness, quality and state-of-the-art equipment, in addition to the functions of energy efficiency and water saving.

The equipment manufactured by Cisa is available for both sale and leasing. In this last modality - chosen by the Group - the maintenance value is included in the monthly payment. Commenting on this, engineer Marcos Wagner Ettori emphasizes that Cisa provides present and active technical advice. "In addition to having direct assistance at the factory in the guidelines of best practices, our partnership also allows us to take better advantage of all the equipment's potential," he says.

Maria Lucia Pereira, nurse at CME, says that the area serves all sectors, such as the surgical center, hemodynamics, first aid, minor surgeries, UTIS and other hospitalization units. Therefore, the choice of the Cisa autoclave was also intended to ensure the productivity of CME employees.


The results

Speaking of productivity, Maria Lucia points out that the Cisa autoclave provided the CME with a considerable gain in sterilization time. "We perform an average of 15 cycles in 24 hours," she says. She further explains that about around 450 procedures are performed with only one device.

With regard to the energy efficiency and water saving functions, the hospital also has good results to celebrate. "We have had considerable reductions in the consumption of water and electricity," comments Marcos.

If the savings reflected in the water and energy bills are already reason to celebrate the partnership with Cisa, Marcos reveals another: the fact that the amount saved in both accounts pays for the autoclave lease.


Do you want to find out more? Watch the video case study of the Grupo Policlin.


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