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16 April 2018

With plans to grow, Uberlândia Medical Center invests in CISA equipment

With four years of existence (completed on February 12, 2018), the Hospital Uberlândia Medical Center (UMC) does 600 surgeries on average per month, has 25 apartments and 10 ICU beds. To grow without leaving aside the quality of patient care and the medical staff, UMC invests in successful partnerships. Cisa is among them. The relationship between Cisa and UMC is already three years o...

22 March 2018

Dona Helena Hospital: Constantly concerned with the patient and the environment

Dona Helena Hospital (HDH), located in Joinville, Santa Catarina, completed 100 years of existence in 2016. Created to be a space dedicated for the care of the elderly and children, today it is recognized as a solid institution. Their story is marked by many achievements. Most of them involving their greatest responsibility: attention and care to the patient. Proof of this is in the Joint Commi...

20 February 2018


A trip on the path of Santiago de Compostela entitled to reflections on aspects of personal and professional life. This is what the Cisa Meeting 2018 offered us with the lecture Take a Little and share a lot* held on January 30, 2018, by Jonas Tilp, Idealizer of Treecom Co-working, in Joinville, SC. Just from mentioning that the background was the place that receives thousands of travelers ...


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