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12 July 2018

Safer CME processes: learn about the Air Detector

The CME - Material and Sterilization Center - can easily be denominated as the heart of the hospital. The rationale is simple: hospitals are places where there is a cluster of risks to human health, so if the materials that we use are not properly sterilized the patients will be harmed. When it comes to the sterilization of health products, ABNT NBR ISO 17665-1: 2010 establishes the require...

27 April 2018


In April the 3rd edition of the Training for Customers was held in Cisa’s factory in Joinville (SC).   The event had the participation of more than 20 professionals of several regions of Brazil and different areas:             Sterilized Material Center(CME), Clinical Engineering and Maintenance. It was a week of great le...

16 April 2018

Elegance line options: more practicality and efficiency in CMEs

Recently, the  Autoclave equipment (Globe Large), Thermodisinfector and Cisa's Drying Cabinet were complemented with the optional Elegance line. The purpose of the novelty is to bring more interactivity, technology, modernity and efficiency to CMEs. The options can be incorporated into the equipment and have as main characteristics: visual management system through colors that identify...


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