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23 March 2015

Hospital managers of SC visit Cisa

Hospital managers and representatives of AHESC-FEHOESC* and FEHOESC** visited CISA, in March, and learnt about the company installations. Upon that occasion, they were received by the CEO and directors of CISA, accompanied an institutional presentation and got to know the factory. *AHESC - Association of Hospitals of  Santa Catarina State * FEHOESC - Federation of Hospitals and Hea...

10 March 2015

Training in Colombia

Commercial and sales training focusing on the Cisa products, as well as sterilization processes, was held in Colombia, in the headquarters of Distributor Quirurgil. Jorge Morales, commercial technical consultant of Cisa in Costa Rica, gave the training to 22 participants, looking at differentials in our autoclaves, thermodisinfectors, of the residue treatment plant and Cisa chemical and biologi...

11 December 2014

Doing good without looking at whom!

This year, Christmas at Cisa is even more solidaristic. Employees of the company in Joinville adopted cards of the Post Office Father Christmas campaign and will make the Christmas of n children happier and more special.  The action was brought about by the Internal Accident Prevention Commission (Cipa) and involved both directors and employees. Another initiative, also promoted by Cip...


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