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13 December 2019

More than ever, our purpose in evidence

We are from the health sector and we manufacture for healthcare. Every day, we work with the certainty that our equipment contributes to ensure life. For this very reason, and understanding the importance of our role, in 2019 our entire team was involved in a thought about purpose - why we do what we do. We had meetings and conversations with representatives, distributors, accredited Technical Ass...

19 November 2019

Cisa's industrial park is in the largest multi-sector business complex in South America

Cisa has had a physical structure in Brazil since 2002. Its factory is installed in Perini Business Park, currently considered the largest multi-sector business park in South America. The park is located in the Industrial District of Joinville, north of the state of Santa Catarina.Created in 1999 by Fabio Perini, the Perini Business Park started with 600 thousand m2, a modest size if we consider t...

15 October 2019

Autoclave Cisa used in a USP project with the Pasteur Institute of France.

In order to prevent epidemics of zika, dengue, yellow fever and influenza, in addition to protozoa such as trypanosomes that cause sleeping sickness, the University of São Paulo (USP), in partnership with the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz) and the Pasteur Institute, has inaugurated a series of high-tech laboratories. As reported by the press, the Scientific Platform Pasteur-USP has a unique str...


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